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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sylke Hilberg

Environmental Geology

University Salzburg

Department of Emvironment and Biodiversity
Team Geology
Hellbrunner Str. 34
5020 Salzburg

phone: +43-662-8044-5400
fax: +43-662-8044-621
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Research Focus

Interactions between geogene and anthropogene processes are increasingly in the focus of environmental geology. Environmental sciences are becoming more and more important for the society. Thus, research - and, maybe of even greater importance - teaching of environmental geology is an upcoming task for geologists.

The main topics of my research are:

  • hydrogeology in populated regions (e.g. drinking water supply and pollution in densely populated alpine valleys)
  • hard rock aquifers in the alpine environment with a special focus on natural tracers
  • hydrochemistry and isotope hydrology of abandoned coal mines 
  • didactics in environmental geology 


hydrogeological laboratory and field devices