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Bachelor studies Geology

Einführung in die Grundlagen der Geologie (Introduction to Geology)
3 ECTS, content: basics of geology, for beginners (together with Christoph von Hagke, Jörg Robl and Bernhard Salcher)

Allgemeine und Angewandte Geologie (General and Applied Geology)
3 ECTS, content: overview of geological topics, for beginners (together with Christoph von Hagke, Jörg Robl and Bernhard Salcher)

Einführung in die Umweltgeologie (Introduction to Environmental Geology)
3 ECTS, content: interaction of human activities and the geological situation, natural and anthropogene cycles, environmental impact

Grundlagen der Hydrogeologie (Basics of Hydrogeology)
3 ECTS, content: water cycle, aquifer types, groundwater dynamics, regional and applied hydrogeology

Umwelt-und Wasserrecht( Environmental laws and water legislation) 
1,5 ECTS, content: basics and application of environmental laws in geological practice (currently hold by Dr. Thomas Rinder)

Geologische Kartierungsübungen (Exercises in geological mapping - for beginners)
3 ECTS, content: basics of geological and hydrogeological field work in various alpine environments

Hydrogeologische Übungen (Hydrogeological exercises) 
1,5 ECTS, content: Introduction to the hydrogeological methods and the use of field and laboratory devices

Currently all lectures and exercises are hold in German

Geologcial mapping Rauriser Sonnblick 2013

Geological mapping Asten (Oberkärnten) 2011

Master studies Geology

Umweltgeologie II (Environmental Geology II)
3 ECTS, content: Environmental pollutants, groundwater protection, investigations and remediation of brownfields

Hydrochemische Modellierung (Hydrochemical Modelling)
3 ECTS, content: Basics in hydrochemistry and hydrochemical modelling with PHREEQC (currently hold by Dr. Thomas Rinder)

Umweltgeologische Projektstudie (Environmental Geology project) (currently not available)
3 ECTS, content: practical application of the contents of the lecture and exercises in Environmental Geology by means of an example - brownfield investigations

Hydrogeologische Modellierung,  (Hydrogeological modeling)  (Groundwater modelling)
3 ECTS, content: groundwater dynamics and transport modeling

Stadtgeologie (Urban Geology)
3 ECTS, content: special geological challenge, artificial ground

Rohstoffgeologie (Geology of commodities)
3ECTS, content: geological background of mineral deposits, mining and sustainability.

Currently all lectures and exercises are hold in German

Field trips

Hydrogeologische Exkursion (Hydrogeological field trip) (with Dr. Rainer Braunstingl)
1,5 ECTS (annual), content: various aquifer types in the vicinity of Salzburg and Bad Reichenhall and their characteristics, impact on various approaches for providing drinking water  

Geologische Auslandsexkursion Oman (Geological field trip to Oman) (with Dr. Hans-Peter Steyrer)
3 ECTS, September 2011, content: Ophiolite complex, passive continental margin, desert phenomena, hydrogeology and water supply in arid regions

Geologische Auslandsexkursion Jordanien (Geological field trip to Jordan) (with Dr. Hans-Peter Steyrer)
3 ECTS, Febuary 2015, content: Rift valley, basalt plateau, desert phenomena, hydrogeology and water supply in arid regions

Geologische Auslandsexkursion Südafrika (Geological field trip to South Africa) (with Dr. Hans-Peter Steyrer)
3 ECTS, Febuary 2018, content: greenstones belts, Bushveld complex, mining geology,  acid mine drainage, Vredefort impact, hydrogeology and water supply in arid regions, cradle of humankind

Geologische Auslandsexkursion Süditalien (Geological fieldtrip to Southern Italy) (with Hans -Peter Steyrer)
3ECTS, September 2019, content: volcanism, volcanic lithologies, hydrogeology in volcanic environments, hydrogeology of coastal areas

Alternative Auslandexkursion 2021: 5 Österreichische Städte (Alternative abroad field trip: 5 Austrian cities): 3 ECTS, May and June 2021, content: geology, landscape, water: geological preconditions of city develpoment - examples from 5 Austrian Cities (Bischofshofen, Salzburg, Wien, Klagenfurt, Villach). Due to Covid 19 restrictions in the years 2020 and 2021 this filed trip was planned and realized as alternative for the annual abroad field trip.


hot spring in Oman, 2011

water channels, Siq of Petra, Jordan 2015

banded iron formations, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa 2018

acid mine drainage - major environmental problem related to coal mining acivities, East of Johannesburg, South Africa, 2018

Volcano Island, September 2019

Arco Naturale, Capri, September 2019

Austrian Cities 2021: City of Salzburg, Salzach Valley

Austrian Cities 2021: Dobratsch landslide in the vicinity of Villach

Didactics in Biology and Environmental Science

Bioplanet Erde (VO) (Lecture Bioplanet Earth) (with Jörg Robl and Bernhard Salcher)
3 ECTS, content: Basics of endogene and exogene Geology, history of Earth

Nachhaltigkeit und Naturschutz (VO) (Lecture Sustainability and Protection of Nature) (with several colleagues from biology and history)
3 ECTS, content: overview of sustainability aspects in biology and geology

Didaktik der Naturwissenschaftlichen Geographie (Didactics in Geography) (with Angela Hof, Jan Otto and Carola Helletsgruber)
3ECTS, content: teaching geography at school, education for teachers

Short Courses

Hydrochemical Modelling with PHREEQC
Short course at the meeting of International Association of Mathematical Geology IAMG, 2011, Salzburg
Content: introduction to the main applications of the free software PHREEQC by means of examples and exercises